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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Economist Magazine - January 23,2010

The Economist Magazine (23 January 2010)

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Big government: Stop!
The size and power of the state is growing, and so is discontent

Ukraine's election: Five years on in Kiev
The presidential election shows that the orange revolution is out of puff, no matter who eventually wins

The Massachusetts election: The man who fell to earth
After the Democrats’ stunning loss, Barack Obama has no choice but to move back to the centre

Chaos in Haiti: A massive relief effort limps into gear
The world's attempt to aid Haitians stumbles against extraordinary difficulties of transport and communications

Manufacturing blues: Another one bites the dust
Cadbury goes American. Is this healthy for British manufacturing?

The war in Afghanistan: Bombs and baksheesh
As Afghan security forces contain an attack in Kabul, they still await a government worth fighting for

Obituary: Jyoti Basu
He almost became India's first Communist prime minister

The Muslim Brothers' new leader: Which way now?
An influential movement sounds unusually hesitant

Chile's presidential election: PiƱera promises a gallop
After 20 years, a move to the right.

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