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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bubble Spinner Tips and Cheats

Well anyone who has played bubble spinner on facebook before will know that this is a very skillful and addictive game that can have you playing for hours on end without you even realising that the time is going by! It's a great game for a boring day at work, and also a great game to wind down from a hard days work. However for some of us it becomes more competitive than that! It becomes a competition between you and your friends and family to see who is really the bubble spinner champion! Usually there will be one person in the family that takes to it like a duck to water, whilst other struggle behind with a much slower progression rate. Well wouldn't it be great if you could beat their high scores, and knock that smug look off of their faces?!

Heres some tips / cheats that might help...

  • Do not rush it! You are not under any time limit so therefore get each shot exactly where you want it and take your time. Quality is better than quantity!
  • Don't make the mistake of aiming for the edges all of the time. Try to play your shots into the heart of the spinning wheel, this will eliminate more bubbles should you it your targets correctly.
  • Always look at the next bubble coming after the current one. If you keep your eye on this then you can plan ahead. Planning should be 80% of time spent, and execution 20%.
  • When you are close to clearing the wheel milk it for as long as possible. The longer you can keep going with just a small wheel means that you are gaining points much easier with less effort, and less chance of touching the sides.
  • Each wheel you get onto gives you more points. The first wheel is x1, the second is x2 and so on. Therefore you should attempt to move up through the wheels but take as many points from each wheel as possible.
  • Use the angles. Its important to use the angles and learn the bounces, if you do not do this then you have no chance of ever reaching a good score!

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